What to Expect When Seeking Purchase Order Financing

When seeking purchase order financing, the first thing to be aware of is that most factoring firms are routinely particular when dealing with this form of financing. Each firm has different underwriting guidelines since each situation is unique with each potential financing deal being assessed differently. Usually it is very difficult to receive approval for purchase order financing, however there are purchase order factoring firms that do assume risk associated with this type of financing.

The purpose of this type of financing is to provide liquidity for an existing business to have the necessary cash flow in place to continue operations. Purchase order factoring companies often will only provide funding to companies that have a long standing relationship with their customers and a proven track record.

Purchase order factoring should only be used as a short-term process to finance a large contract, to purchase equipment or materials for an existing job or to produce goods that have already been purchased. Commercial construction companies are a excellent example of a company that could benefit form purchase order financing. Construction companies often need to buy materials or lease equipment to meet construction deadlines. They also must meet payroll and pay other expenses. Short term financing through purchase orders is one way of meeting this need.

Purchase order financing is very risky for factoring companies which makes qualifying for this type of financing difficult. Businesses that seek this type of financing must have been in business for at least one year or longer, also the type of industry and the credit history of the company make a large impact on determining whether the factoring company will approve financing.

Purchase order financing is a viable option for companies seeking a short term funding solution. Although often overlooked, purchase order financing is a proven method of funding for companies that need immediate cash flow solutions.

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